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An Unforgettable Rainy Day

Anyone can be passionate....it takes real lovers to be silly

Cyndi <3
*I am the one and only Me
*I love to sing
*I like to dance.
*I love books
*I like writing
I like to go with the flow in life
LOVE Butterflies
ICE-CREAM = mmmmm LOVE <3
favorite color is GREEN/ GREY ^-^/*

*motto: "treat others the way you want them to treat you...but don't expect it"

*Quote 1: "Having a dream come true and being happy why are they so different? Even now I still don't get that"
-Quote 2: "Admiration is the furthest thing from understanding"

* ummm..... well I'm Cyndi. My family, dogs and freinds are what`s most important to me. My favorite colors are green and Grey. I want to do and be a lot of things. I like running, drawing/paining and singing and writing songs. anything else you'd like to know please ask me ^-^/
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